Sexy Dex

Sexy Dex were Holland's hottest trashrockin' garage girlgroup with harmony vocals and raw guitars. They were around from the early nineties of the last century and packed it up some time ago. The girls still meet regularly as they are good friends and Henja and Carina play together nowadays as FlowerBox, an folk duo.


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Sexy Dex: a girlgroup from Groningen - the Netherlands specializing in their own brand of trashy melodic sixties punkpop music with harmony vocals and raw guitars. They started in 1991 amidst a whole wave of young and exciting garagerock bands in Groningen, except all the other bands were mainly guys! They earned a well deserved reputation as one of Groningen's hottest live-acts. The four girls did tour a lot in Holland - including a gig for a capacity crowd in the famous Paradiso club, Amsterdam! Their debut 7" vinyl ep single was released by the legendary Kelt label and they have contributed songs to several (inter)national compilation albums. Maximum Rock&Roll praised 'em, American College and Underground Radio loves 'em! In the late nineties they decided to slow down and only occasionally did they do a surprise appearance. In the new millennium Singer/guitarist Henja and singer/bassist Carina decided to start making music together again and as of late they are called FlowerBox
For more info and free music - please also check out the Sexy Dex Myspace site!

Sexy Dex Setlist:

  • Let it go
  • Tell me baby
  • Just more fun
  • In my room (M.Saunders)
  • You don't know (Gamble & Ross)
  • Drinking problem (Gymslips)
  • Per me
  • Now I'm gone
  • What a way to die (Suzi Quatro)
  • Slut
  • You turned your back on me (the Brood)
  • Far away
  • Perversion (E.Zolot)
  • Good girls
  • Love me like before (Sham the Sham)
  • Sick (Creamers)
  • Jimmy (Panic)
  • I won't regret (the Fastbacks)


the origin of Sexy Dex' name is actually a combination of two fountains of inspiration The first being Dex Dexter, the infamous character that married Alexis in the US soap opera Dynasty, and the second being the British soulband Dexy's Midnight Runners who entered the scene in 1979 with a good album and a minor hit "Geno" and scored a big hit with "come on Eileen" in the early '80s.

Henja, with Petra the co-founder of the band, used to play for another girlband from '87 to '90 called the Tomboys.

Sexy Dex released one vinyl ep - "Don't go for second best, Baby" (Kelt records) and was featured on several compilation albums.